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14 Fashion Essentials You Need To Achieve The Steampunk Look

14 Fashion Essentials You Need To Achieve The Steampunk Look
By Amelia Night | September 10, 2018
Do you love the Steampunk style? So do we.

Steampunk fashion was born due to the fusion of the Victorian aesthetic and modern technology. This combination of new and old creates an illusion of 19th century as having actually experiencing certain modern technologies how they might have thought they would. This alternate history style is shown through the specific and futuristic fashion - from punk corsets to cogs and goggles, you name it, they have it! If you're looking to add a little steam to your wardrobe, then you're in luck. You will find a list we devised below of 14 essential items to help you achieve the perfect steampunk look.

Full Bodied Corsets

stunning womens vintage design corsets

Fusing the old with new, it's super important to the steampunk style to own a corset. Whatever the type of corset – full, leather, under bust, it doesn't matter. It's the perfect way to add that Victorian hint to any steampunk inspired outfit. Taking your waist in a few inches too, this full corset will give you that authentic old-school hourglass figure every Victorian woman aimed for!

Under-bust Corset

tight body shaping womens under bust corsets

Under-busts are a sexy substitute for full body corsets and highlight your waist even more. The brass buckles on this one create a true steampunk feel and that's why we love it!

Flare Sleeved Top

autumn gothic flare sleeve blouse

To compliment an under-bust corset, you need the perfect blouse. Many Victorian women wore loose, long sleeved blouses underneath their waist corsets to draw attention to their small waist. Achieve this well-known look in your own style with a cute, versatile fan sleeved t-shirt.

Lace Up Blouse

cute slim bandage bow top for women

Not exactly conventional, sure. However, this fitted lace up t-shirt is perfect for work or casual wear. Maybe you cannot go all out, or maybe you just want to have that subtle bit of steampunk incorporated into your outfit and that's totally cool!

Pocket Watches

Weird Roman Numeral Staempunk Watches

Taking another tip from the Victorians, get yourself a pocket watch to time-bend even more! Every fashionable man from the era owned one, and no matter what your gender, so should you. So intricate and detailed in true steampunk fashion, they're hard to resist.


unisex bronze copper black and silver steam punk sunglasses

These rounded glasses are a classic accessory and can be worn on the face or head for decorative purposes. Usually seen as accessories of mens alternative clothing looks but they're suitable for everyone! Steampunk goggles are an item suggestive of knowledge and if you're smart, you'd get yourself a pair too.


skull coin pendant

Medallions show strength and pride at what you've achieved - whether that be service, strength, courage or loyalty. Metallic jewelry such as medals are perfectly bold to show that steampunk is not dead and that it's fans are still dedicated.

Short Bustle Skirt

cute steampunk vintage lace skirt brown

No steampunk wardrobe is complete without a bustle skirt - they make up the majority of steampunk fashion. As they are so versatile, pair this one above with a white lace shirt and under-bust corset and you'll have the perfect functional yet sexy steampunk outfit.

Long Bustle Skirt

vintage style burgundy lace skirt

A skirt like this is more strongly linked with the traditional and authentic style of women in the Victorian era. Long flowing skirts were a sign of wealth and worn with many layers. The short front adds a modern twist on a classic - wholly reinventing it. That creative flair is what steampunk is all about.


round hippie glasses

Reminiscent of those worn in the past, look chic with some vintage glasses to frame your face. If you want to spice it up a little, check out our range of cool geometric rounded sunglasses to give yourself that sci-fi, time-traveler vibe!

Duster Coat

stunning ankle length maxi trench coat for women

Layering is very important to the steampunk style. The bet way to achieve this is with a duster jacket! Add a dark edge to your look with a long black coat like this to create a tenfold of mystery!

Velvet Jacket

cute black velvet floral coat black

This velvet jacket instantly shouts Gothic Victorian. Along with this, the big silver buttons are more suggestive of steampunk alterations. High collars were also extremely fashionable back then and remain an important part of both romantic/Victorian goth fashion as well as steampunk.

Tall (Faux) Leather Boots

tall vintage high heel lace up lolita boots

Tall brown or black boots merge history and modernity together. Strong steampunk women sport these boots to show their power while combining them with feminine elements of dress like big skirts and petticoats.

Era-erasing Earrings

womens dragon bite clip on earring gold

Yes, it might be the 21st century now, but it doesn't mean we can't bring back aspects of the past! As history as well as sci-fi has taught us... anything is possible. Help us to get this message across with some statement gothic earrings made out of beautiful metal alloy with a slick bronze, silver or gold finish. Make your steampunk style steam its way into life!

So there you have it, The Black Ravens top steampunk picks to get you travelling in time quicker than Doctor Who in the tardis! How did we do? If you think we missed any or want to add one yourself, leave us a comment on our socials, we'd love to hear from you!

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