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Best Punk Love Songs To Get You Both Rocking

Best Punk Love Songs To Get You Both Rocking
By Amelia Night | August 30, 2018
Are you a true lover of punk-rock?

Punk defied the status quo and was one of the biggest individualist movements going in the 70's. Don't let it die out. Alongside punk fashion, help us bring the music into the modern age by celebrating with our top ten punk rock love songs of all time. Add them to a Spotify List (Find a great pre-made punk playlist here) and who knows, maybe that mysterious boy who sits on his own at lunch blasting The Ramones will finally notice you.

The Dead Milkmen "Punk Rock Girl"

One of my all time favorites, this is a must have on any punk rock playlist! You can just imagine her non-conformist look made up of womens punk clothing, back combed hair and chunky platform boots. He is craving her attention so bad and just has to express it. What could be sweeter than a guy trying to win over a girl of his dreams?!

The Damned "See Her Tonite"

This one's for her. Yeah, the guy raving on about a girl is a little generic - but this song is anything but. It's so real and straight to the point. He loves her mind, not just her body. Dave Vanian (the frontman) is just dying to see her – you can tell by the choppy short sentences and crazy rave-ups. Clearly this girl gets his heart racing! So, if your girlfriend is cool, edgy and doesn't give a f*ck about the mainstream, this one is for her.

7 Seconds "Best Friend"

If you want that violently passionate love affair to last in true punk-rock fashion, you need romance and also friendship. The infamous Kevin Seconds has been married to his wife, for what feels like forever. Take it from him - this song is perfect to let that person know that they are the most important person in your life right now.

7 Seconds "Trust"

Yes, here's another one. Who says hardcore punk rock can't be filled with emotion? This punk rock love song is heartfelt, raw and perfect for those special occasions or those times where your punk princess or prince need reminding that you love and trust them 'til the death.

The Clash "Lover's Rock"

We could never forget the iconic sounds of The Clash now, could we. This sexy song speaks of how to treat your girl to make 'lover's rock.' The clearly sexual meaning behind this song makes it perfect for getting close and 'rocking out'.

The Pagans "What's This Sh*t Called Love?"

On the surface, you wouldn't pair The Pagan's with love songs, but this one has all the little hidden meanings we need for it to make the cut. As aggressive as it may sound, Mike Hudson does admit that when he looks at this girl and says 'I guess I feel something'. He might has called the song 'What's this sh*t called love?' because he might actually be experiencing it. So, if there's a guy or girl you're into but don't know if it's love, this song might be relatable.

The Ramones "I Want You Around"

That girl rocking that Ramones t-shirt is bound to talk to you if you bring up this song or one better - know the lyrics. What better way to tell a girl you like her than acknowledging that 'Yeah, I'm no good / But I'll treat you like I should'. Every girl loves a good-bad boy, I can confirm.

NOFX "Falling In Love"

Okay so, this song might be about a horrific event of a plane crashing thats going to kill everyone. But it's punk so what did we expect? Nothing stays true to traditional violent and aggressive punk than this song and yet, it still manages to get those low-key lovey vibes in there.

The Ramones "Oh Oh I Love Her So"

Again, The Ramones gain a well deserved feature yet again with this one. With the opening line 'I met her at the Burger King and we fell in love by the soda machine' you can tell from the get go that this song is the epitome of young love. So light-hearted and down to earth, it's hard not to relate to this song. Whether you're looking for classic punk rock songs for him or her, nothing says that our love is simple and perfect than this classic right here.

The Descendants "Nothing With You"

The Descendants are known for having an array of songs about love, some happy and some sad. "Nothing Without You" though is the most heartfelt song that they have made. This is because it is reminiscent of those puppy love stages of a relationship where you can't think, feel or breathe without that one that you love. All you manage to do is think ABOUT them and want to do nothing with them. How Romantic!

Stiff Little Fingers "Barbed Wire Love"

This track taken from their Inflammable Material album is arguably their best song to ever be released by them. Nothing describes the painfully real nature of love better. Using a barbed wire fence to describe love is powerful in expressing how it can sometimes snag you. The explosive and violent nature of the song explains how two people hold hands over barbed wire while longing to be closer.

The Casualties "Punk Rock Love"

Last but not least, it's important for this one to be on the list of the top punk rock songs of all time. Although the subject matter is not as positive as the song described above, the meaning is still beautiful in it's own way. The Casualties sing about a girl who decieved a man and eft him with a broken heart when all he did was love her. This shows how powerful love is and therefore makes this track an amazing punk love song! Who said punk's can't feel hurt? Clearly, they've got the biggest hearts going!

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