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Can Goths Wear White?

Can Goths Wear White?
By Constantinos Santis | August 22, 2018

Can goths wear white? Why the hell not. Goths are world renowned for adopting black as their classic cult color.But who is to say white is not as powerful in giving you an edge?

Why should you wear white?

Wearing white will take a gothic look from 10 to 100. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

1. It will make you stand out

Goth emerged in the 70's and was daring, dark and crazy. These rebellious individuals were the opposite of those you could refer to as 'norms' who took the boring, standard path in life. Nowadays, 'norms' see gothic fashion as generic and predictable. Honestly, how wrong can they be? Anyone who is blood thirsty or bat sh*t crazy for alternative fashion will know that goth is unique, rebellious and timeless. Introducing white clothing into your gothic wardorbe will create an interesting twist on the traditional style, putting goth back on the map. While opening a new badass direction for goth to go in, wearing white will catch people's eye. No one will be expecting it. Gothic clothing is the best way to show the world that you don't care what anyone else is doing with their style and that you're a part of something bigger! Nothing says 'we do what the f*ck we want and however we want' more.

2. You'll Become an Ivory Idol

A massive part of any gothic look is a deathly white complexion, be it natural or with a face powder. This carries over into every goth genre. No matter what kind of goth you are, the white of your outfit will be sure to bring the pale shine out of your skin even more! There's nothing more gothic than your clothing blending into your ghostly pale complexion.

White Witch

3. It will release your inner Vampiress!

Beginning as a hugely popular cult classic novel, Dracula hit our screens in 1931 and most famously 1992 and featured some of the creepiest, blood hungry vampires seen to date. Sporting one of the most infamous sexy vampiric looks of all time, Lucy Westerna was buried in her white wedding dress before transforming into a powerful, immortal goddess. It's a common theme in cult classics for the living to be buried in white to symbolise their upcoming immortal life. What could be more gothic than using white clothes symbolising life, to celebrate death! Show the world that you are unbreakable and capable of anything. Channel your inner bride of Dracula with an elegant white Lolita dress! How great would a Lucy cosplay be?

White Lace Gothic Dress
4. Endless Halloween Ideas

Speaking of cosplays, be a waxen witch or possessed princess for Halloween. Dark make-up and accessories against the pale a white corset would scream ghostly and goth combined! White gothic corsets and lace hold ups can be used for all kinds of cosplay ideas too, the perfect White Witch or Alice in Wonderland, making these items great additions to take to any comic-con at any time of year.

White Lace Corset

5. White isn't restricted to any goth style!

Whether you're a punk goth, trad goth or cyber goth, white can still be the color for you. Dare me to tell you why?

Cyber Goths

You're creative, edgy, and outside thinkers. Constantly daring to mesh neon bright light with dark. Nothing would bring the 'graver' look into the future more than a few pieces of bright white clothing. Imagine how electric those neon dreads would look paired with a monochrome top, bringing out the true crazy raver in you. Nothing says cyber goth like crazy psychedelic patterns found on this top here:

Monochrome Cyper punk gothic crop top


White lace corsets are the perfect innocent, yet sexy addition to any loligoths wardrobe. What is cuter and more kawaii than bundles and bundles of white lace? To match with this, the outfit wouldn't be complete without a pair of cute lolita platforms much like the ones found here. These comfy platforms are durable and adorable, sporting a purfect kitten design. You wouldn't be able to stop turning heads in true loligoth fashion with these on your feet!

Kawaii Loligoth Boots
Romantic Goths

Romantic goths fair different to all other types of goth. You are creative deep-thinkers, that romanticize the beauty of dark and morbid matters. What embodies all of these characteristics? Velvet. Nothing is sultrier than velvet. How can we step up the intrigue of the romantic goth? White velvet. White velvet attracts attention. All of what the romantic goth lives for. Stunning white velvet chockers are bound to cause chaos in a non-goths mind, illuminating mystery and wanting.

White Velvet Choker


Punk goths are the hardcore goths of the culture! You love your dark and aggressive fashion and music down to the very core of goth itself. You invented goth! Skulls and fire are staple icons of the punk goth movement. How good would this t-shirt look on you:

Alternative Skull Dress

These are just a few reasons that goths can definitely wear white. Trust me, you won't regret it.

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