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The Mechanical Man - Steampunk Tattoo Ideas

The Mechanical Man - Steampunk Tattoo Ideas
By Amelia Night | April 22, 2019
Steampunk tattoos combine the old with the new to create amazingly creative body art.

More men and women are turning to steampunk for tattoo ideas, and we'll show you why with this list of inspiring tattoo ideas.

Steampunk is best known for its anachronistic nature, combining ancient and modern features. Futurism is also a massive part of steampunk fashion and art. Some tattoos feature amazing technology that has not been invented yet, as well as illusions of machinery underneath the skins surface. Who wouldn't want to be half man, half machine?

If you appreciate the steampunk aesthetic or are considering a tattoo yourself, keep reading!

Mechanical Organs

Mechanical Heart

A design like this transforms the heart into a piece of hard, intricate machinery. This masterpiece does easy work of portraying an air of strength and capability - oozing masculine energy.

Anatomical Heart-Shaped Steampunk Tattoo

This idea can also be designed in a more traditional black and white style. None of the beauty is lost however, and you could end up with a stunning piece like the one below!

3D clock steampunk tattoo mens chest

Mechanical Eyes

There is such an eluding beauty surrounding the eyes, and this is why they make such a popular tattoo choice. Unlike generic eye pieces though, the steampunk twist adds an extraordinary extra element and dimension to it. The eye is no longer just an organ, but a seeing glass, an intricate technological piece. When looking at the anatomy of the eye, we can see that it is by far THE MOST detailed part of the human body. These steampunk tattoos could be symbolic of this and serve as an appreciation of the human form.

steampunk eye tattoo

Below is another take on this design, and is no less eye-catching (sorry!). while still incorporating the mechanical twist, this tattoo is far more futuristic - almost cosmic and alien like.

another steampunk eye tattoo



Another common theme found in steampunk tattoos is clockwork. This is because the culture is based on anachronism and creating a bridge between what has come before and what is still yet to come. This timewarp design is breathtaking on account that it showcases both the importance of nature (as much art focused on in the 19th century) as well as intricate mechanical inventions, like a watch/clock.

clock and tree branch steampunk tattoo mens arm

Some clock designs hold much more than this however. Powerful messages can be displayed through almost religious tattoos, like this one below. I say this because the skull and sun rays could be symbolic of life and death, which is what clock tattoos are known for.

vintage clock tattoo for men

Steampunk Animals

A little change of pace from the designs we've seen so far, but no less beautiful! Recently there has been a big increase in cartoon like animal tattoos that have been anthropomorphism into little steampunk people. This is an amazingly creative, modern twist on the steampunk culture. Many of these tattoos are in the neo-traditional style. This makes them quirky and fun; making these tattoos a perfect component for a piece on a themed sleeve.


Foxes are super common for these types of tattoos. This might be explained by the fact that they are one of England's most native animal. The ultimate steampunk tattoo is created by combining the traditional fox and all the futuristic cogs and bolts. I love this tattoo, don't you?

steampunk fox tattoo


Like foxes, cats are also a very traditional British animal. I think the humanizing of animals for tattoos is a super cool twist and would suit an animal lover purrfectly. Cats are also known for their magical touch and supernatural element.

steampunk cat tattoo


Owls are symbollic of many things which make them a great subject for a tattoo. In many cultures, the owl represents bravery, wisdom, courage and the supernatural. With so many meanings behind it, an individual can design their owl tattoo in whatever way they feel represents the meaning they desire to portray. And let's not forget how breathtaking these creatures are too!

steampunk owl tattoo

Steampunk Woman

This animation represents a sexy but strong female character! The brown and red shading is authentic for the steampunk look on her undershirt, corset belt, goggles and gloves. These are all items worn by the steampunk community and this is why I love this cute little design!

steampunk pin up tattoo

Steampunk Cyborg

Take your tattoo one step further with a futuristic cyborg woman! She looks mesmerizing and powerful. What's not to love?

steampunk arm tattoo

This concludes The Black Raven's list of awesome steampunk tattoo designs! If you'd like to learn more about the steampunk culture or aesthetic - visit our clothing selection or blog.

If you decide to get a tattoo of this kind and fancy getting in touch, don't hesitate to message us on our socials - you may get a feature! ;)

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