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How To Look Gothic

How To Look Gothic
By Constantinos Santis | August 20, 2018

The gothic community is one of the prominent subcultures in the world. The dark style catches everybody's attention. For anyone looking to join the ever-growing community, here is a guide on how to look like a goth.

Gothic Clothing

Let's start with how to dress like a goth. Here are the clothes you must have in your wardrobe.

Black Items

If you were to ask anyone what a goth wears, black is the default answer. To dress like a goth, you need to have your wardrobe filled with lots of black clothes. Everything else will be based around these items. Buy plenty of t-shirts, pants, skirts and socks to start off with. However, it's not all about wearing black to be a goth. It's actually perfectly fine to start adding in some other darker colors, such as purples and deep reds. Look for something like this crop top:

Gothic crop top
Ripped Items

Once you have added the basic clothing, move on to buying ripped or distressed shirts and pants. These are very common in gothic culture. Dark denim jeans with tears on the legs and around the knees, or tops that have shredded edges are perfect. These jeans are perfect:

Ripped jeans

Plaid clothes

Another classic item of clothing in gothic community is plaid. These can vary to over-sized shirts down to your socks. The best colors to add are purples, dark reds and dark blues. For guys, a plaid shirt is a great piece of mens gothic clothing and can be with jeans for both a smart and casual look. For girls, a plain black or white shirt with a plaid shirt looks gorgeous. This gothic outfit shows how to pull off a plaid shirt:

Plaid shirt


Corsets are a must have piece of womens gothic clothing for feminine goths. They will go with anything. If you have a dark dress that you love, put a gothic corset over the top and you've got yourself a stunning gothic outfit. If you want to dress it down, pair it up with some skinny jeans that really hug your legs. Add a t-shirt underneath and you're good to go. Something like this corset will look amazing:

Seductive Black and Red Kinky Gothic Corset Red

Graphic T-shirts

To dress like a goth, your wardrobe should also include some t-shirts with prints that symbolize gothic culture. Dark shirts with skulls, anchors, crosses and pentagrams will look great. This Ouija board t-shirt is exactly what we mean:

Gothic patterned t-shirt
Leather items

These can be in any fit you like. Leather clothing can be worn as pants, shirts, jackets, you name it. Whatever you have in leather, it will fit in well in the gothic scene. For example, a great outfit could combine your distressed t-shirts and jeans with a leather jacket. Alternatively, match a leather skirt, like this one, with a graphic shirt.

Gothic leather skirt
Gothic Accessories

So now you have the clothes, it's time to build around them. Here are the must-have accessories to further your gothic look.

Boots and creepers

These are essential to dressing like a goth. Black boots and creepers will go with any of your outfits. Choose ones with laces or decorated with belts. When it comes to the boots, you want to pick thick, heavy materials that have a high-raised sole. For example, these buckle platform boots are perfect:

Gothic boots
Socks and tights

Goths wear socks so don't think about wearing your shoes without them. It's common for goths to wear socks that have prints of skulls and skeletons. To give them a better look, grab a pair of scissors and add in some tears and shreds. This also works great for tights. Combine the tights with your skirts and you'll look great.


These have been in gothic culture for as long as we can remember. When you think of fishnets, you're probably thinking legs, but it doesn't have to be that way. Gloves and undershirts work just as well. One of the best ways to wear fishnets is with a pair of your distressed jeans, or with a skirt and t-shirt like this:


Complete the outfit with a graphic a choker, which is the next accessory we are going to talk about.


Gothic chokers are great alternative accessories that have become really popular in recent times. If you want to get the best look, pair them up with a round neck t-shirt to really show off that tight grip. There are many to choose from so when picking your own, get a plain choker, a studded choker, a spiked choker, or one with a pendant. Typically, these should have dark chimes, skulls or crosses, similar to the patterns on the graphic t-shirts. A choker that looks like this is great by the way:



Gothic necklaces are great, especially ones that have an extra pendant on the end. They really complete your outfit. Gothic necklaces are typically themed with skulls, skeletons and other dark patterns.


This are the perfect casual accessory for goths. They go with everything. Again, look for dark colors that have the skeleton and hexagram theme going on. And why not even get some studded or spiked ones to go with your studded or spiked choker?

Gothic Make Up

Makeup needs to be dark. No surprises here then. You can go as heavy as you like but it will depend on what you wear. The more formal your outfit, such as gowns and frilly corsets, you should be looking to wear heavier makeup. For example, bold eye make up mixing some deep blues and purples will look gorgeous. Lighter make up should be used for your casual outfits. A t-shirt and jeans should be matched with simple eyeliner and lipstick, like this:


Gothic Hairstyles

When it comes to changing your hairstyle to look like a goth, there are no boundaries. Styles, lengths, colors -- you name it, gothic culture has something for everyone. Here are some of the best gothic hairstyles to add to your look (We have browsed Pinterest for some great hairstyles and suggest you do the same).

Vampire goth

This is based on the blood-sucking style being incredibly attractive. You need to dye your hair completely black or white to get the most effective vampire hairstyle. Grow out the length to create the best look.

Vampire Goth

Cyber goth

Gothic Beauty

Coming into fashion in the 2000's, the cyber goth look is one for all you gamers. This hairstyle requires you to make use of accessories and hair extensions. There is no doubt you will look amazing.

Deathrock goth

Deathhawk Blue Mohawk DeathRocker Fashion

For all you Marilyn Manson fans, this one is for you. Make use of mow-hawks and undercuts for this unique, alternative style. Splash in some pinks and other bright colors and you will be on your way to looking deathrock.

Steampunk goth

steampunk goth model

An absolute classic, steampunk gives a classier vibe while still keeping your individuality. It is reminiscent of the Victorian age so prepare your style accordingly.

Gothic Tattoos

If you're going to be a goth, you need a tattoo. They are an amazing way to show off something unique to you, which is what this alternative style is all about. Here is a guide to getting a great tattoo (again, we used Pinterest to find some great ideas).

Choose what and where

This is entirely up to you. Inspiration can be found from anywhere, from your favorite band to something with a personal meaning. Of course, you can't go wrong with roses, pentagrams and skulls.

Thomas Bates tattoo - Skull with peony and small blossoms. Thankyou Sarah! #skull #tattoo #etching #gothic #fineline #blackwork #blackworkerssubmission #btattooing #dotwork #flowers

Once you know what you want, you can start thinking where you want it. If it's your first time, choose an area of your body that won't be as painful. Places like your thighs, arms and hips are great places to start. Stay away from the inside of your knees, nipples and eyelids.

Lycan Anubis Armando

Once you know how much you can tolerate, you can try these other areas for your second or third tat, as they do look fantastic.

Girl with Tattoos

Choose a tattoo artist

This is an important part of the process. Look for places online and ask your friends where they got theirs. Don't choose somewhere that is cheap but hasn't got the greatest of reviews. Remember, tattoos are permanent, so it may be worth investing a little bit extra. Each artist will have a portfolio of work to look through. See what they can do and how they can work in your vision. Set up an appointment with the artist and talk about what you want. Bring any images with you for the artist to study. When you've got your tattoo, show off your tattoos with short sleeved t-shirts and shorts.

Gothic Piercings

Just like a tattoo, you can identify as a goth by a series of piercings. By dressing like a goth and getting a tattoo like a goth, any piercing will fit in. Here are a few ideas.

Lip piercings

You have got to be considering getting your lips pierced to look like a goth. You may even want more than one. Wear some dark, red lipstick to really make the piercings stand out, like this:

@katvondbeauty Lock-it hydrating primer, Lock-it foundation L42, Lock-it concealer creme L1 and Lock-it Setting powder lips: @jeffreestarcosmetics velour liquid lipstick in Leo: @katvondbeauty Medusa from Serpentina palette @essence_cosmetics Liquid ink eyeliner brows: @wibopl Smoky Black from Neutral eyeshadow palette #eyemakeup #makeup #eyeshadow #eyelashes #piercing #goth #kvdlook #kvdbeauty #grungegirl #alternativegirl #altgirl #grunge

Nose piercings

There are loads of different rings and studs to choose from when getting your nose pierced. Here is a great example:

Model: Obsidian Kerttu goth, goth girl, goth fashion, goth makeup, goth beauty, dark beauty, gothic, gothic fashion, gothic beauty, sexy goth, alternative models, gothicandamazing, gothic and amazing, glam goth

For those of you that really want to stand out and make a statement, consider getting a chained decoration between your nose and your ears.

Ear piercings

These have been around since, like, forever. There so many ways to get your ears pierced. Examples include decorating your ear lobes with stretches, helix piercings, and even orbital piercings. Match them with your other accessories for an even better style. These studded earrings will go perfectly with a studded collar.

Gothic earings
Facial piercings

Depending on how and where you place them, facial piercings can look fantastic. If you can make them look like they all work together, you are well on your way to completing alternative fashion.

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