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The Classic Clothing Guide: How To Dress Like A Victorian Goth

The Classic Clothing Guide: How To Dress Like A Victorian Goth
By Amelia Night | August 29, 2018
Think being a Victorian Goth is for you?

The 19th century was known for producing lots of lace, big gowns, corsets and all things regally dark. Are you a lover of all the beautifully mysterious aspects of the Victorian-Era, including the gothic fashion? If you are – then keep reading.

victorian goth

We know it's hard to achieve the perfect look on your own – and on a budget too. That's why here at The Black Ravens, we have assembled this 'what to wear to become a Victorian goth' guide to help you on your journey to becoming Goth royalty. The list below is filled with spookily affordable dark clothing to fulfil all your vintage Victorian dreams! So, here are a few essential items you will need to get the best look:

1. Lace Blouses
hot lace lolita black lace up vintage corset

Become a cut above everyone else with an essential lace blouse. Goths of all types know that lace stands for power and status. These two things are what Victorian inspired goths are aiming for the most! Nothing would make more sense than to showcase your new-found status as Gothic heiress than with this affordable sexy lace corset seen above. To achieve this eerily dark look of the wealthy Victorian elite in a subtler way, try adding this classic versatile lace top, to your already fabulous collection. Who said you can't look and feel expensive without breaking the bank!

2. Corsets

seductive black and red kinky gothic corset

The most fashionable and iconic piece of clothing to take from the 19th century has got to be the corset. Upper class women in the Victorian era often sported tightly fit, gothic corsets with long flowing skirts. Corsets are used to pinch you in at the waist, leaving you with a beautifully striking hourglass figure no matter what shape or size you are. This corset (worn on it's own or over a shirt) will give you that sexy extraordinary hourglass figure every Gothic fashionista desires.

3. Dark Flowing Dresses

sexy long witchy gown

During her reign, Queen Victoria went into mourning and cast the color black on the whole nation. The Victorian-Era is therefore famous for bringing us the powerfully sad Gothic dresses with long sleeves and high neck collars. As a result of this, goth high fashion centres around collars – the higher the better in true Victorian-esque fashion. This lace black dress is in true traditional style with it's many fabrics and layers – making it the perfect look for any faux-Victorian.

4. Arm-length Gloves

Arm-length Gloves

Expensive, sexy, and important are the words that come to mind when speaking of long gloves of stain or lace! Be the spider spinning your web, and capture everyone's attention with a pair of dark gloves. You'll have men fall to your feet in love and awe.

5. A Gothic Ballgown

girls adorable skeleton head flowery dresses

It's no surprise when I tell you that Victorian Goths are fascinated with the massive gowns of the time. The only difference is opting the color in for pure black (naturally – of course). This daring dress adds the dramatic edge with the skull print that all goths inspire to create. Pair one with a subtle goth make up look, you'll achieve the sad but beautiful style you wanted in the classic traditional goth style. Whether you have a big event coming up or not, every Gothic goddess must own one.

6. Black Mid-Length Skirts

sexy floral mesh lace skirt

It's impossible to survive without a piece like this in your collection. Skirts like this are usually used to achieve a softer, romantic edge to any outfit. When paired with a tight fitted corset or bulky wedged boots, a black midi-skirt can tie any look together. This skirt would leave you with a strong but not overpowering Gothic look - perfect for taking a slightly sexy approach.

7. A Cloak

beautiful girls black cloaks

No Victorian inspired look is complete without a cloak. Items like this were worn over the shoulder by wealthy women to shelter their upper body from the cold. The fancier the pattern, the better. Fulfil your gothic dreams with this high-necked, lacy cloak.

8. A Long Black Coat

emo girls soft coat

A layered coat – whether it be made from silk, cotton, fur or velvet, is essential to a Victorian Goth. This big fur coat is eerily black, and long sleeved which are too big features of Gothic and Victorian clothing a-like. Bring out the Edgar Allen Poe and wear this has a dark coat, making you feel like a vampire queen feel due to the big elegant fur collars. What a perfect piece to keep you warm while time-travelling!

9. Beaded Chokers

punk pendant gems

Replicate the Victorian elite with a sultry and striking choker. Black and beaded – this choker is perfect to bring other goths like you to the nape of your neck, winning over their hearts. There is no better way to modernize the soft put powerful feel of the Victorian elite more!

10. Dark Stockings

rocker girls stocking bottoms

Last but not least, add a sexy 21st century twist to any outfit with some cheeky stockings. These hold-ups will look amazing under a short/medium length skirt. You'll be keeping in line with Victorian values, naturally, while making everybody want more.

So, is Gothic Victorian the style for you? Let us know!

Many Victorian Goths, if not all, need most of the items listed to achieve the perfect look. Whether you're a full-blown dedicator to the dark fashion of the past, or simple paddling your feet in the water – I hope this guide was inspiring! If you're intrigued and want to find out more about Victorian goths, visit this page to gain all the information you need. If you love Gothic Victorian fashion, or sport any of the above items yourself, be sure to show us on our social medias and head over to TBR for an amazing collection of womens gothic tops, shoes, accessories and more!

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