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Barcelona Gothic

Barcelona Gothic
By Black Raven | January 11, 2023
Lilya Syromyatnikova is an in-demand Barcelona Tour Guide who provides interesting tours of this gorgeous city including Barcelona's famous Gothic Quarter.

You host tours in Barcelona. What kind of tours?

There are several topics: "Alternative Tours," "Street Art, Sculpture and Murders," "Shopping Tour," "Mysterious Tour," "Sunrise Tour," and now I'm preparing an "Aesthetic Tour."

How and why did you start doing tours?

The starting point was my love for Barcelona. Also I like to meet new people, to perform – both art and visuals. And that was a perfect match for everything that I like.

Interesting. What exactly are alternative tours?

That means unusual tours. During the tours I share information which you cannot easily find on the internet. Yes, I also show the most famous attractions and tell historical facts, but my specialization is "insider information," unusual places, and "hidden gems." I think it's something unusual. It's something outside of the box of what people normally think about when they think about tours. It's not just to go to popular and familiar places. It's something different. That was the idea – to show Barcelona, but with another point of view, through another perspective.

Where have you traveled and where would you like to go?

I’ve traveled to many places in Europe; Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Latvia, Turkey, Ukraine… something else, I think, in Europe… a lot of places in Europe. And I would like to visit everywhere honestly if possible, because I think that the planet is so small and unique and so beautiful, but I think it is impossible. So, I have my priorities of course.

What languages do you speak? In what languages are the tours?

I speak English, Russian, and Spanish. The tours are in English.

Are you involved in the Barcelona fashion scene?

No, but I like clothes a lot. I like bags, shoes… I’ve taken part in several photo shoots. I have some friends who are fashion designers, but no I’m not involved in the fashion scene. I hope to be in the future, because I really love it. For me clothes are not just something you put on to not be naked, it’s more of a way to express myself.

Lilya Syromyatnikova in Barcelona

Do you see a connection between the goth subculture and Barcelona’s Gothic architecture?

Well, if we speak just about appearance, then yes. The Gothic neighborhood is pretty. It’s dark in some places with very narrow streets. The Cathedral is Gothic.

Lilya Syromyatnikova in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

So, like, gargoyles and such?

Exactly. Yeah.

Gargoyle in Barcelona

Where can people reach you if they want to book a tour?

They can book tours on Airbnb or just by writing me a direct message on Instagram @digidogs

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