Men's Handmade Gemstones Bracelets

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Product Description

These beautiful handmade skull charm bracelets are a great accessory for anyone who loves skulls and dark styles. Made from Copper, Cubic Zirconia, and elegant semi-precious natural labradorite stones, better known as Flash Light Stones, this wonderful bracelet will enhance your mental focus and intuitive capabilities. It will even help to reduce anxiety and elevate calm feelings whilst awakening a sense of adventure and positivity. The length of each magnificent bracelet is 180mm-210mm and will fit most wrist sizes.

The design of this bracelet is an awesome skull charm and each gray iridescent 8mm stone is different which makes every piece completely unique and a must-have item for all who wish become the best they can be. Order 2 or more and get free shipping or spend $30 in our store. With each purchase, you will receive insured shipping to guarantee delivery and to allow you to track your item directly to your door. If any products don't fit then don't worry as we have a free returns policy, meaning we will replace any item for you free of charge.

Natural Stone & Skull Charm Bracelet Specs

    • Natural Labradorite Stone Which Empowers The Wearer.
    • Handmade Gothic Style Bracelet That Can Be Worn All Day.
    • Free Shipping When You Order 2 Or More Of These Powerful Bracelets Or Spend $30 In-Store.
    • We Guarantee Delivery With Every Purchase Along With Our Free Return Policy Should Any Items Not Fit.
    • Tracking Is Available For All Items.

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