Cute Genuine Leather Owls Rucksack In Black & Gold

  • Product Description

      These remarkable Leather Owl bags are guaranteed to turn heads and are a must-have item for any owl lovers. They are made from PU leather making them lightweight, waterproof and meaning that they will not crack under sunlight. Each bag is 26cm x 13cm x 40cm and has a 20 to 35-liter capacity, making it perfect for everyday activities so you can comfortably wear them wherever you go. They are available in either black or white so have a look at these wonderful bags in the image gallery and find your perfect variation before adding them to your basket.

      These leather bags have been impressively designed to look like owls and they do just that with such intense detail they are sure to turn all the right heads your way. So whether you pick the black or white design, you will be sure you made an awesome choice in purchasing this magnificently designed backpack. Order today and we will provide you with insured shipping so you can track it directly to your door, and get a replacement if you are not totally happy with your order.

      Stylish Owl Leather Bag Specs

      • Owl Design To Have A Totally Unique Look That Can't Be Match By Any Other Bag.
      • PU Leather Making Them Waterproof and Lightweight For Your Everyday Use.
      • Great Capacity So You Can Store All Of Your Essentials.
      • Insurance On The Shipping Totally Free So You Can Track Your Order, Have Guaranteed Delivery Or Your Money Back, and So You Can Return Them For A Viable Replacement If You Aren't Totally Happy.

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