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These simple yet stunning handbags are a must-have for any fans of the Sailor Moon Anime. They are made from PU leather which makes them waterproof, lightweight and means that they will not crack under sunlight. They 19cm tall, 25cm long and 9cm wide, and come with an adjustable strap length to make it as comfortable as possible. Each bag also comes with a zipper clasp for closure so all your valuables are protected while you look stunning wearing this handbag.

These eye-catching bags come in a gorgeous black or white design so you can have one to match days you wear dark clothing and days when you choose to be lighter. Orders of $30 or more made on The Black Ravens online shop qualify for free shipping so add this spectacular handbag to your cart today and make use of this awesome offer. Every shipment comes with insurance so you have guaranteed delivery and you get to be able to track your item on its quick trip to you.

Sailor Moon Handbag Specs

  • Very Cute Design Makes It Awesome For Sailor Moon Fans And Anyone Who Likes Minimalist Yet Unique Accessories.
  • PU Leather Is Used To Make It Last Longer Than Other Handbags While Having A Satisfying Feel When You Touch It.
  • Available In Black And While Designs To Suit Darker Or Light Clothes.
  • Good Size For Everyday Use.
  • Spend $30 Or More To Get Your Items Sent Without Paying Shipping.
  • All Items Are Guaranteed To Arrive As They Are Covered By Our Insurance Policy, Or Else You Get Your Money Back.
  • Get Tracking For Every Item You Order.
  • Free Store-Wide Returns Policy

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