Punk Crescent Moon Top For Men

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We love darker clothing in our store so the moment we saw this moon made of skulls we instantly fell in love with this gothic top. Knitted using Cotton, they are super soft so you can wear them all year round and always be as comfortable as possible. They are also incredibly easy to wash so you will never need to get scared that sticking them in the wash will fade the print. The design itself shows off a killer moon made of skulls and holding up a blood red timepiece, making it have an occult or gothic look that is hard to compete with. Before you buy these cool t-shirts, go to the images and find the perfect fit using the size chart to make sure you get a fit that is best for you. Why not also add some of the other awesome prints from our Top Collection to your cart as we are sure you won't be disappointed. Be sure to also check out the Jacket Collection, Jean Collection, and the Hoodie Collection to find some great complimentary items.