Dark Rockstar Tattoo Girl T-Shirt

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      We love our badass women and this killer gal is one of the coolest we've seen. She is clearly rocking all of her tats and loving showing off her baseball bat, we only wish we could see her in real life. The print used to show off this amazing girl is just as impressive, printed on polyester and finished perfectly to make sure you always stand out from a crowd when you wear them. The material the tops have been made from means that you can wear them out whenever you want and not worry about staining or getting them damaged as they are incredibly strong and easily washable. Before you buy, have a look in the image gallery and you will be able to see the sizing information so you definitely get the right fit. Go to the Top Collection and you will be able to see other similar ones that our customers can't seem to get enough of. This includes some zombie ones, some biker ones, and some animal ones.

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