High Waist Zodiac Print Ladies Boho Skirt

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      If you're a person who loves the stars and heavenly bodies, this beautiful skirt is just right for you! Beautiful and eerily hypnotic, the heavenly bodies printed against the dark fabric of chiffon material offers a look of dark mystery. This is just perfect to get that airy and stylish look. It's asymmetrical cut even makes the skirt more vague-looking. Guaranteed to give absolute comfort and confidence to the wearer, this is another definition of sexy with personality.

      High Waist Zodiac Print Ladies Boho Skirt Specifications:

      • Material: High-Quality Chiffon Fabric
      • Color: Black
      • Size: S, M, L (please refer to the size chart in the photos)


      1. For hands-on washing, add or two capfuls or a mild liquid detergent. Swish water around until suds appear
      2. Fold chiffon garment so it's easier to wash.
      3. Put the garment in the water and swirl it around with your hand to clean it. (The garment may release a small amount of colored dye into the water. This won't affect the way the garment looks.)
      4. Soak the garment in the soapy water for up to 30 minutes. Rinse.
      5. Place the chiffon flat on a bath towel. Put a second towel on top. Push down on a towel to press excess water out.
      6. Remove the top towel and allow chiffon to try.

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