Cute Tight Open Back Rocker T Shirt

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If you love awesome skull designs then this amazing white skull tank top will definitely become one of your new favorites. It is made of Polyester and Spandex, making it resistant to wrinkles and shrinking whilst also being flexible to fit you comfortably. Not only will this be a great choice for a night out, but it could just as easily be your perfect chill out, lazy day option. It is available to purchase from Small to an Extra Large, so make sure you check out the size chart below to see which size is perfect for you.

This wicked tank top has an impressive black skull print along with other floral designs, that really make it stand out as a unique piece of art. Add it to your basket today and you will receive guaranteed delivery as well as be able to track all the items that you purchase. If your online basket reaches $30 or over then you won't even have to pay any shipping fees whatsoever. In the rare case that any products don't fit you correctly then you can just return the items to us and we will exchange them for the newer size all free of charge.

The White Skulls Tank Top Specs

  • Beautifully Designed Tank Top Will Make All The Right Turn Heads Your Way Because Of How Sexy They Will Make You Feel.
  • Polyester And Spandex Are Used To Make The Top As Irresistibly Comfy As Possible.
  • Different Sizes Are Available So Remember To View The Size Information Below Before Purchasing.
  • Every Item You Buy Comes With Insured Delivery You Can Rest Assured It Will Arrive Or You Will Be Fully Reimbursed.
  • You Can Also Track The Piece All The Way To Your Door Using Our Tracking System.
  • We Will Even Pay For Your Shipping With Orders Of $30 And Above.
  • Items That Don't Fit Can Be Sent Back And We Will Exchange Them For You At No Extra Cost.

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72cm (28.3in)

66cm (26in)

65cm (25.6in)

33cm (13in)


78cm (30.7in)

72cm (28.3in)

66cm (26in)

34cm (13.4in)


84cm (33.1in)

78cm (30.7in)

67cm (26.4in)

35cm (13.8in)


90cm (35.4in)

84cm (33.1in)

68cm (26.8in)

36cm (14.2in)

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