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This beautiful Victorian style coat will definitely make you feel as elegant as you'll look whilst wearing it. It is made of different blends of Cotton, making it not only extremely soft and gentle to wear but also making it much more breathable for your skin. This knee-length coat is available to purchase in multiple sizes so be sure to see our size chart before deciding which size is right for you.

This wonderful coat comes in a burgundy design along with a belt, buttons, and slashes, making it even more luxurious and sure to be your new favorite. Each purchase of this remarkable dress comes with free shipping as well as our delivery guarantee, meaning it is guaranteed to arrive or else you get a full refund. You even have the option of tracking your item as it journeys to you so you will always know when it will arrive. If any products don't fit you correctly then don't worry as we have free returns and exchange policy with every purchase made on our online store.

Victorian Elegant Coat Specs

  • Extravagant Design That Will Have You Feeling Like Royalty.
  • Cotton Made For Maximum Comfort All Day Long.
  • Different Sizes Are Available So Head To The Image Gallery For A Closer Look.
  • We Will Pay For Your Shipping When You Purchase This Luxurious Coat Today So You Can Just Sit Back As Your New Favorite Jacket Arrives.
  • Tracking Is Always Available So You Will Never Miss A Delivery.
  • Please Don't Hesitate To Return Any Items If They Don't Fit As We Will Gladly Exchange Them For A Better Size At No Extra Cost.

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