Dragon Eye And Claw Engagement Ring For Men

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Here at The Black Ravens online store, we love to bring you the most amazing and unique bands, and these are no exception. Made from stainless steel, these rings are corrosion and scratch resistant whilst also being durable for long-term use. They are also heat and impact resistant, giving them maximum toughness whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear. Be sure to check out the image gallery for the size chart as they are available in multiple sizes so you are sure to find a perfect fit.

A wicked dragon design makes up the shape of the ring itself, giving it an unparalleled look. They are available in Black or Silver so whichever you decide to purchase, you can be sure people will love your newfound accessory. Orders of $30 and over qualify for free shipping and we even have a free tracking service for all purchases. As always, we guarantee delivery by having insurance on all shipments, and we have a free returns policy should any items not fit or need replacing.

Slumbering Dragon In Silver And Black Specs

  • Unique Design Will Always Stand Out And Look Amazing On Any Dark Outfit.
  • Stainless Steel For Maximum Toughness And A Polished Finish.
  • Free Shipping On All Orders Of $30 And Over.
  • Guaranteed Delivery With Every Purchase.
  • Tracking Available Along With Our Free Returns Policy.

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