Full Size Samurai's Blade Umbrellas

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This awesome Samurai Sword Umbrella is a great weapon that will help you through any storm! It is made of high-density 190T Pongee fabric, with a steel metal shaft and 8, 16 or 24 bone ribs to enhance the umbrellas strength and ability to flex. The umbrella is 100cm long and 110 cm wide when open, making it a great size that will ensure you don't get wet no matter how heavy the rain is pouring.

This umbrella also comes fitted with its very own sword sleeve to ensure you look like a badass ninja and is sure to make many people envy you. Order yours today, and we will guarantee delivery straight to your door by having insurance on your package free of charge to you. This will mean you are guaranteed to get your money back if they fail to arrive and you will also have the option of tracking the shipment all the way to your house. You can even qualify for totally free shipping if your basket is $30 or more when you pay at checkout. If you would like to send any items back then you can do so, and we will replace them for you completely free.

Samurai Sword Umbrella Specs

  • Unique Design Comes With An Anti-Slid Texture Handle So You Look Badass.
  • Great Strength And Flexibility To Help You Feel Like A Boss When You Walk Down The Street.
  • Tracking Available And Insured Delivery With Every Item Purchased.
  • Orders Of $30 Or More Receive Free Shipping!
  • We Replace Items You Send Back To Us Free Of Charge If You Are not 100% Satisfied.

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