Psychedelic Sugar Skull Hoodie

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If you ever wanted a trippy and creepy bright hoodie, these are the perfect ones for you. The design shows off a multicolored background with a sugar skull in the center, giving it its unique look that will have everyone staring. Made using polyester and spandex, they are not only super durable, they are incredibly comfortable so you will be able to wear them out to gigs and festivals as well as at home while you watch your favorite tv show. Before you order, go to the image gallery to find the size measurements so you can be sure you get the perfect fit. We have some similar options in the Hoodie Collection so be sure to go there and add more of our incredible printed hooded sweatshirts to your cart. Be sure to add some items from the Jacket Collection, the Jean Collection, and the Top Collection to your cart as they are a great choice to compliment these hooded sweatshirts.

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