Savage Wolf Biting A Skull Hooded Sweatshirt

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Most of our clothing is dark and gritty, but these shocking artistic wolf sweatshirts are some of our lighter options. They show off a creepy big dog biting the skull of a dead human, making them sure to shock people who see it and instantly start a conversation. Manufactured using polyester and spandex, they are very comfortable so you can wear them all day and night and never want to take them off. The material used also makes them easily washable and stops the colors running so you will always have a hooded jumper that looks as good as new. Go to the images to find a fit that is best for you by looking in the size chart. Don't forget to also visit the Hoodie Collection to grab some other cool gothic and rocker printed hoodies for you and a mate. This selection includes some other wolf ones, some skull ones, and some flaming hot ones.

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