Bullet-Style Charm For Men And Women

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Ever wanted an accessory that is as cool as it is deadly? These bullet-designed wrist charms are a great choice and sure to out-gun the competition. Made using real leather, they are durable and sure to look as awesome as they are comfortable. The chain and the cartridges are made using stainless steel to never rust or wear. This means that your bracelets will always remain as shiny as they are when you first get them.

These stunning pieces have a bullet design that is made of real stainless steel and sure to turn heads wherever they are worn. The bullets circle the 22cm long bracelet, giving it a unique look that is hard to find in other punk jewelry. Each order made on our store of $30 or more comes with free international shipping so be sure to add these to your basket and get your gift now. All shipments are insured so you can track your charm all the way from our warehouse to your door. If they do not fit, we have a free returns policy so you can send them back and we will replace them no questions asked and free of charge. So, get a set now and always have the best accessory in the room.

Cool Ammo Wrist Charm Specs

  • The Design Is As Deadly As It Is Cool And Shows Off Multiple Stainless Steel Bullet Cartridges On A Leather Base.
  • Made Using Real Leather To Have A Unique Look That Can't Be Matched.
  • Stainless Steel Is Used For The Ammunition So They Always Have A Shining Silver Look.
  • Sure To Please Anyone Who Loves Their Zodiac Sign And Looks Great On All Dark Outfits.
  • The Piece Is 22cm Long So It Is Sure To Fit Most Wrists Comfortably.
  • Get Free Shipping On Yours Now When You Spend $30 Or More On Our Store.
  • Insured Delivery Is Always Included With All Our Shipments So You Can Track Your Order Direct To Your Door.
  • We Operate With A Free Returns Policy So Any Replacements Are Sent Free Of Charge.

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