Tight Girls Kissing Skeletons T-Shirt

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This beautiful skeleton print tank top is an awesome choice for lovers of gothic clothing and dark outfits. It is made from a mixture of Polyester and Spandex so that you can wear it all day and it will remain just as comfy and look just as good. It is available in one size but is designed to be baggy to be worn by most. These tank tops are great for any gym goers or even those just having a chilled day in.

The print design of this tank top is an impressive skeleton print design with the words "Immortal Lovers", making this a superb gift for your other half! Order now and you will be able to track your purchase all the way from our warehouse to your door on its short journey to you. Your items will also be insured so that you can be sure they will arrive as soon as a possible. You won't even have to pay shipping costs if your online order totals $30 or more. Finally, if any items don't fit then you can just send them back to us free of charge.

Skull Kiss Tank Top Specs

  • Wonderful Skeleton Print Makes This A Lovely Gift For Anyone Who Loves Gothic Tops.
  • Polyester & Spandex Made For Extra Comfort.
  • One Size Available - Length 62cm, Bust: 37cm, and Waist: 33cm.
  • Your Purchase Will Come With Guaranteed Delivery And Tracking.
  • No Shipping Costs With Orders Of $30 Or More.
  • All Items Can Be Returned For A Replacement Free Of Charge.

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