Unisex Aztec Coin Pendants

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Some movie items have such a unique style that they are needed in the real world. These pendant necklaces are based on the skull coins of the Pirates Of The Caribbean series. Made using thick stainless steel, these chains are sure to never tarnish. They are available in Gold, Silver, and Bronze so there is sure to be a color that matches your style. They go great with most dark outfits and the skull on them will complete any gothic look.

The design of these skull pendants shows off a similar style to the coins in the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies, yet they can be worn as a completely unique accessory. Every order $30 or over is gifted with free international shipping with the option of free returns available for every item. All purchases regardless of price are also shipped with insured shipping to guarantee they arrive at your door.

Long Chain Skull Specifications

  • Each Piece Has A Dark Skull Style Design To Mimic That Of The Pirates Of The Caribbean Movies.
  • Available In Gold, Silver, And Bronze So You Can Pick The Perfect Color For Any Outfit.
  • Made Using Industrial Strength Stainless Steel To Make Sure They Never Tarnish.
  • Free International Shipping With Every Order Over $30.
  • Free Return Policy And Every Item Sent With Insured Shipping Regardless Of Pricing.

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