Why choose a Tungsten Ring?

I get this question every day.  The quick answer – a Tungsten Ring will outlast any other kind of material that is currently or traditionally used to make jewelry. The stuff is great.  It’s hard.  It’s heavy (roughly the same weight as gold).  It holds up to scratches like nothing else out there.  So why the huge price difference in our Tungsten Rings versus a big jewelry store, say Zales for instance?  Or some of the other ‘high end’ websites that sell Tungsten Rings?  While it’s truly a revolutionary material for making jewelry – the stuff is not a precious metal.  The cost of these rings is in that manufacturing – which involves many more steps than traditional metal. 

So what do I mean it’s not a precious metal?  Pretty simple, really.  It isn’t gold, silver, or platinum.  The stuff that people find crazy amounts of value in.  Gold is roughly $1200/oz as I write this quick article.  Platinum is another $500/oz on top of that.  While Tungsten Carbide will stand on it’s own merits as a jewelry material, it just isn’t something you’d invest in to stand up to inflation. 

When I purchased my first Tungsten Ring I was working in a foundry.  About the worst job imaginable.  The front half of our company was a machine shop, and a good chunk of the tooling we used was Tungsten Carbide.  I knew the stuff was tough, and I had a tough job.  I needed something that was going to hold up to the stress of what I did every day, weather it was pouring iron, grinding casting, shoveling sand, whatever.  So, I went to a local Zales when it was time to tie the knot with my beautiful wife.  I plunked down $400 for a Tungsten Ring (one that we now sell here on The Black Ravens for $49.95). 

After some time I started talking to some of our tooling suppliers, and made some new contacts, and before you knew it I had sources who actually made these rings for several of the big ‘manufacturers’.  Our rings are every bit as good as those that you’d find at the pricey jewelry stores, but without the price.  In this economy – who can afford that.  I know several guys who don’t mind spending $1000′s on their soon-to-be wife’s engagement or wedding ring, but don’t want to spend even $100 on their own ring.  That’s something I ‘get’.  That’s why The Black Ravens came into existence.

Below is technical information on Tungsten Rings – for those of you want it.  Please keep The Black Ravens in mind when selecting your Tungsten Ring!

The Hard Facts about The Black Ravens Tungsten Carbide rings:

•Tungsten rings are the most wear resistant rings on the planet, no more bent or scratched rings like gold and platinum – these rings will last a lifetime.
•Tungsten is about 10 times harder than 18K Gold, about 5 times harder than tool grade steel, and about 4 times harder than Titanium. Tungsten measures between an 8 and 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, the only material harder (a Diamond) measures a 10.
•Tungsten rings will hold their shape forever – NO MORE BENDING!
•Tungsten rings have a permanent polish to them, and do not need to be cleaned with any special jewelry cleaners.
•Our Tungsten rings are 100% Cobalt Free.
•In the event of an emergency, a Tungsten ring can be removed by a medical professional.
•All of our Tungsten Carbide rings are 100% Hypo Allergenic (No skin reactions of any kind)

Is there a difference between Tungsten Rings and Tungsten Carbide Ring?

You bet! Other sellers will sell you ‘Tungsten Rings’ that do not include the Carbide. A Tungsten only ring is basically a steel ring. It is very hard, but not scratch resistant like Tungsten Carbide. If you are shopping for a Tungsten Ring, all of our rings are guaranteed to be 100% genuine Tungsten Carbide.


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