Gothic Inspired Valentine's Day Ideas

If you prefer a Valentine’s Day that’s a little less pretty and a little more “Poe”, add some dark and dreary to your February 14 with these Gothic inspired ideas for a dark romance.


Start you sweetie’s day off with a Gothic inspired Valentine’s Day card like this viciously cute Valentine Vampire Girl. Send it directly to their email so they can see it as soon as they settle down at work. Be sure to include a subtle yet sexy message to really kick off the February 14 fun. 


Dark Décor

While your sweetie is out and about, it’s time to turn your humble home into a dark dungeon of love. Use traditional Valentine’s Day ideas with a gothic twist for seductive spin. 



Candles are romantic and so easy to dress up. You can use red hearts and rose petals to dress up our candles, or you can just as easily head to your local craft store and purchase artificial black roses to get the same effect.



Create your own dark heart garland out of scrapbook paper and ribbon. Hang this in your hallway leading up to the romantic dinner spread, or make mini banners to dress up chairs or your dining table.



If your prefer a little bit of glam in your goth, take a look at this gothic glam party ideas! What’s more creepy AND chic than a black candelabra?!


A Magical Menu

Your decorations should be wow-worthy, but the food and drink menu is another place where you can really shine.



What’s a romantic dinner without something spiked? Serve up your favorite naughty but nice cocktail in glassware adorned with stick-on details like these bedazzled skulls.



Your Valentine’s Day menu should be filled with savory, light bites that won’t leave you and your hubby feeling overstuffed and groggy. When planning your menu, be sure to work a few of the known aphrodisiacs into the mix to really spice things up. 



As for dessert?

Chocolate covered strawberries are a must for your night of dark romance. Or maybe you prefer to spike your desserts as well?



Above all, get creative with your presentation! By paying attention to the tiny details, you can take your special night above and beyond. We used a simple skull and bones ice mold to create skull and crossbone ice cubes as well as decadent skull chocolate bites. It's the little things that go a long way!


End With a Movie


Gif via Tumblr


When the candles have dimmed and dinner is dwindling, pop in your favorite dark yet romantic film. Skip the traditional Valentine’s Day love stories and opt for an alternative like the classic Phantom of the Opera.



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