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Voodoo & Gothic Themed Clothes and Accessories

Voodoo & Gothic Themed Clothes and Accessories
By Constantinos Santis | July 24, 2018

If you have been looking for voodoo clothes or accessories, then you've come to the right place. We have a hypnotizing collection of dresses, clothes, and accessories that takes gothic voodoo clothing to the next level. Here are some of our favorites.

Voodoo Chokers

Made from a zinc alloy, this gorgeous necklace brings a unique old-school look. It is an essential piece for bone lovers to add to your skull themed collection. The skulls will bring the living to their knees due to its eye-catching nature and will go perfectly with your gothic style.

Gothic Skull Earrings

Cute Crystal Earring Skulls

These accessories are brilliant at bringing the mystery to your style. Like the necklace, they are also made out of a zinc alloy to project a moonlight shine that any voodoo lover needs. The design is great and with the extra shine, you will be getting noticed in all the right places.

Red Eyed Skull Corset

Red-Eyed Carnival Corset

This awesome skull corset is sure to give you a crazy hourglass look that is great for any voodoo lover. The design itself shows off a unique skeleton head look with blood red roses for eyes that is sure to draw attention. This corset would make a great addition to any voodoo witch costume or Halloween costume so show off how unique, creative and crazy you are!

Skeleton Bone Dress

Skeleton Bone Dress

This sexy star-light print is bound to make this dress your new favorite item as soon as you put it on. The design is an alternative twist on the traditional, making this dress perfect for any witchy wanderer or voodoo lover. Bring the whole look together with a kick-ass choker and you are on to a winner. If you have any cool ink, the dress will compliment them brilliantly as well.

Heavy Metal Skeleton Dress

Sexy Heavy Metal Skeleton Dresses-Black-XS

Staying on the theme of skeletons, we have another must-have gothic voodoo dress that you will love. This particular dress is fitted in all the right places to show off your figure, giving you a tailored and sexy look. The design on this appealing mini-dress is a traditionally goth inspired skull and anchor which definitely gives it an edge.

Guys Skeleton Rings

Cool Silver Plated Guys Skeleton Rings-8

This is one for the guys. These cool voodoo, skull-themed rings go well with all your outfits, especially leather items, so be sure to add them to your wardrobe. The polished finish makes these rings very high-quality, so your style will be on point all day long.

Prince Of The Undead Hoodie

Prince Of The Undead Hoodie

This sweet hoodie is ideal for anyone needing to add a touch of death to their wardrobe. The dead skeleton king mixed in with the woman is gorgeous. We love how it really brings out the voodoo style. The golden crown really brings the whole pattern to life and will be sure to get noticed by envious onlookers. We have a whole collection of hoodies with amazing prints. Head to the store to see for yourselves.

Skeleton Head Back Tee

Skeleton Head Back Tee

Up to now, our clothes have mostly been black but this red shirt is a great twist on the whole theme. The hollow skull also has the eyes and nose cut out to reveal a bit of skin to really bring dead vibes. Wearing this will definitely put you in touch with your darker side.

Skeleton Head Bag

Cute Women's Unusual Rocker Skeleton Head Bag

This beautiful bag has a great individual look, perfect for the voodoo style. This handbag is made of PU Leather which makes it lightweight and waterproof. The skull design goes brilliantly with the rest of your wardrobe. Add a choker or other accessory from this list and your look will be complete.

Dead Cowboy T-shirt

3D Skeleton Cowboy Print Men's T Shirt-Black

This unique t-shirt is perfect for cowboy and skull enthusiasts. The dead cowboy is a neat twist on the voodoo theme. The t-shirt itself also fits great and is extremely comfortable. Some dark jeans and footwear will complete the outfit and make you look great.

Stone Skull Earrings

Unisex Stainless Steel Natural Stone Earring Skulls

These gorgeous opal stone earrings are crucial for skull and voodoo lovers who wear dark outfits and enjoy a sense of power when they leave the house. They are made of black stainless steel, meaning they are heat and corrosion resistant, while also being extremely durable so you always know your ears have a killer look.

Horror Skull Top

Creepy Skulls Horror Tops For Men

This awesome t-shirt will give any lost soul some sense of belonging. The skull is terrifying and is sure to be a talking point among your friends. If you liked any of the products we have mentioned, be sure to click on their titles to see more pictures and information.

These products are just a glimpse of what we have to offer in our store. We have a range of themes, including some tribal, gothic, horror, fantasy, as well as many more voodoo inspired looks that are perfect for everyone. If you have any favorites, be sure to let us know on our socials.

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