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Unique Snow White Tattoos - Crazy But Funky

Posted on June 08 2018

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

We all know how cute Snow White is.  And we know how great tattoos look.

So why not combine them both and get some adorable Snow White ink?  I know right.  Genius.

Take a look at these 10 unique funky Snow White tattoos that we really like to give you some ideas for yourself.

How cute

We found this on Pinterest and we love it.  She even has those red rosy cheeks that make the princes blush.  So cute.  We also like the 'rough round the edges' style with all the draft pencil marks.


Another one found from Pinterest, this simple outline would make a great first tattoo for disney lovers and needle haters alike.  It looks gorgeous on the ankle but I can also see this looking great on a wrist too.

Half and half

The latest example from Pinterest (we love Pinterest if you haven't guessed yet, so many ideas).  Anyway, back to this design.

For those of you that want a vibrant print.  The twist on the classic Snow White will separate you from the rest.

You could also take the half and half theme to her dress too.

A really bad apple

If you thought the last idea was ratchet, check out this original design.  We imagine that this is what happened to Snow White if Prince Charming never found her.  I imagine the apple didn't taste very nice...

Dolled up

How baddass are those sleeve tattoos on Snow White here?  This example shows an alternative side to the Princess.  There is so much detail going on here.

What I particularly like (aside from the awesome sleeves) is it still shows her innocence, which is why we love her!


A step back from Snow White for a second.  This Wicked Witch sleeve looks incredible.  The apple is dark, her smile is twisted, we just love it!

This design is so unique and will amazing with a variety of your dark alternative clothing.

Just the apple


This corrupted piece is stunning.  The detail with the dripping ooze makes it even darker still.  I also really like the use of the red on the eyes, brings the tat to life.

Fairest of them all

And we're back to Snow White herself.  This is obviously very similar to the second example.  I just want to emphasise how cute a simple design can be.  On your wrist with some adorable bracelets and you will look cute as hell! 

Crazy?  Or bold?

You know what, if you can pull this off, then why not?  How cute does Snow White look here!

Even if you aren't a huge fan, there are so many things you can take from this design.  And that's why I love it.

Putting our own spin on it

This design is so cliche. However, you know what I think would look unique amazing about this?  Have Snow White as an outline but keep her sleeve and chest tats filled in with colour.  What do you think?

And there you have it.

10 Snow White tattoo ideas that are sure to give you some cute funky ink.

If you have any other ideas that you really like, be sure to let us know on our socials!