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Best Loved Emo Songs Of The 2000's

Best Loved Emo Songs Of The 2000's
By Amelia Night | September 02, 2018
Does it make you just a little bit sad to have grown out of your former hair flipping, ripped skinny jean wearing self?

Briefly re-live your former glory and let TBR help you fall back in love with those popular pop-punk/emo songs of the 2000's. Here's our countdown of the top 20 unforgettable emo songs to have come out of the 2000's to get you headbanging in no time.

1. Cute Is What We Aim For – 'The Curse of Curves'

Playing smartly with gifts and curses, this song features the lyrics "I've got the gift of one lines, and you're got the curve of curves". With contagiously catchy lines like this, you can't stop singing it for days! It also doesn't hurt that Shaant Hacikyan is an icon for mens alternative clothing styles everywhere and is wonderful to look at.

2. My Chemical Romance – 'Helena (So Long and Goodnight)'

This creepy classic was what every emo memorised by heart. The spooky whisper adds to the dramatic outburst half way through, sending shocks down your spine and a few ear-gasms along the way. The theme of the video is a funeral – so, death. What better song to relate to your transition over to the dark side (FYI - the emo side) than this? Helena is also the creepy gothic godess of our dreams. Create her look with TBR, we specialise in womens alternative clothing and are here to help!

3. Fall Out Boy - 'Sugar, We're Going Down'

Sure it was overplayed, but how could it not be? The amazing one-liners were perfect to sing with a group of friends, or anyone for that matter. You start with "I'm just a notch in your bed post" and someone is bound to sing "but you're just a line in a song" back.

4. Green Day – 'American Idiot'

Could a band embody pop-punk anymore? Billy Joe Armstrong's bold black eyeliner became a staple for emo fashion everywhere! This 2004 hit song took early 2000's emo to the next level. The style of this song was so influential to the genre and re-enforced that 'I play by my own rules' mentality that a lot of emo kids adopted.

5. Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American

"Salt, sweat, sugar on the asphalt / Our hearts littering the topsoil" being chanted could be heard from all around. Kicking off the era for pop-pun perfection, Jimmy Eat World released this track in 2001 and still holds a huge place in our hearts.

6. All American Rejects – 'Gives You Hell'

Released in late 2008 as the lead single of their studio album When The World Comes Down became one of the most iconic emo songs of the decade. Dotdash.com gave this song 4/5 stars stating that the lyrics have "a cleverly snarky attitude" – isn't that what we lived for back then? Nothing could bring on the nostalgia more.

7. My Chemical Romance – 'I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

The raw emotion expressed here hits you in the feels every time. Each person goes through their own personal struggles and this song reflects this perfectly. It's okay not to be okay, and its okay to shout it until everybody hears!

8. All Time Low – 'Backseat Serenade'

Hey, not all unforgettable songs are angry or sad. No, no, no. All Time Low proved this with this quick and witty song This one is bound to transport you to the back of the school bus, staring at that girl you fancied so hard. Backseat Serenade has taken the place of ultimate pop-punk 'crushing so hard on that girl' song – we're okay with it if you are.

9. Taking Back Sunday – 'Make Damn Sure'

Originally titled 'You're So Cool,' American rock band Taking Back Sunday released this track in mid-2000's and soon because a classic emo song. How could we not think so when this song lead to their huge success, earning #8 in the Alternative Charts in 2006.

10. Blink-182 – 'All The Small Things'

This song is the entry level to the world of emo music to come. What an adorable song too! Written as ode to the leads girlfriend of the time, this hit blessed our ears with its simple, catchy and fun-loving style.

11. Sum 41 – 'Fat Lip'

Not conforming is what this song was all about. If you were regretting putting that pink and black dye in your hair, you wouldn't be after hearing this gem. With lyrics like "I don't wanna waste my time, become another casualty of society", you can really relate to their worries about the world and not being apart of them. Being emo is about being off the grid – and this is a beautifully, chord busting way of saying it!

12. The Red Jumpsuit apparatus – 'Face Down'

So catchy and memorable – definitely one for the throwbacks playlist. This song is about calling people out for their sh*tty behaviour and we're living for it in 2018. It's never okay to treat people you love wrongly, we agree. There's not enough meaningful music in the modern age and this is one song that needs to be remembered.

13. Mayday Parade – 'Miserable At Best'

What a sad song. Sad but iconic. Emo stands for emotional at the end of the day, right? "The hardest part is letting go" we agree, Mayday Parade and that's why we haven't, and we won't! When you we're getting over that breakup, there was no better fried than Mayday parade to dabble in that misery with you.

14. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – 'Your Guardian Angel'

Unlike Mayday Parade's 'Miserable at Best', this song is what you'd blast if you want to get that boy or girl back and show them that you mean it. With such heartfelt and beautiful lyrics – you'll remember how much you felt when growing up in the 2000's and having all this powerful pop-punk to teach you life lessons and guide the way.

Some of the greatest emo songs were made in the 2000's and the one's listed are only a select few. If you love emo music and never want to forget these hits again, check out this playlist on Spotify for free. I hope we've made all your emo dreams come true!

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