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How To Dress In True Grunge Fashion

How To Dress In True Grunge Fashion
By Amelia Night | September 29, 2018
Revive the 1990s and Go Grunge. You Know You Want To.

90s grunge fashion is infiltrating mainstream trends now more than ever. So bold and unique, we are living for it.

female grunge fashion

If you want to give the shabby-chic look a go, we have just the thing to help you out. Below we have devised an extensive guide of grunge clothing essentials to help you gain that effortlessly sexy swag of the 90s back.

Fashion Forecast: Things You Need to Know

Before we begin the get grunge process, it's important to know these simple facts.

Grunge Music Icons: The rise in popularity of super successful grunge bands like Nirvana meant that people want to be them as well as listen to them. They helped to put grunge on the map and became trendsetters for all young angsty teens everywhere.

How to shop for Grunge Clothing: Anything careless, comfortable, and layered. Anything that gives off the look of scruffy or worn out but on closer inspection be homely yes, but of good quality.

What is the Meaning Behind the Look? To look beyond the material world and getting back to what matters.

How Has the Style Changed? Back in the 90s, classic grunge was all flannel shirts and faded jeans. There are many branches of grunge in the modern day and while still including these elements, are a little different. There is neo-grunge, hippie-grunge and glam grunge sub categories now too.

Essential Grunge Clothes

If you want to take a step out of the crazily glamorous fashion world and opt for a new sleek and cool style, then grunge is for you. Follow our advice and add these items to your cart. You wont regret it!

1. A Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are not fitted and hang in true grunge style. Whether you're a guy or girl, there's really no barriers when it comes to grunge. This jacket is perfect on it's own however, there's loads of room to make it even more original. Accessorize with studs, chains or band patches and bring your jacket to the next level - grunge is nothing if it's not unique.

2. A Flannel Shirt

awesome american fashion mens badge denim jacket

A signature flannel shirt is the number one must have to achieve the perfect chic grunge look. You can wear a flannel shirt in so many ways. Whether it's open over a graphic printed crop top or closed over some leather leggings - you can't go wrong!

womens skeleton head back tee

3. Faded or Ripped Jeans

The colors of grunge are neutrals - black, grays, and faded brighter tones. Get yourself a pair of distressed or ripped jeans to give your look that rough-around-the-edges aesthetic. Grunge is all about making the imperfect, perfect. Show your rebellion to the norm in a subtle way with a pair like this:

white ripped hollow out casual pants

These ripped jeans are the definition of shabby-chic and would look great wit any graphic tee and flannel shirt.

super slim fit emo denim pants

This pair might have the appearance of being faded out, but isn't that the way you want them? Smart but still grunge - for all occasions.

4. Leggings

If you're not the biggest fan of denim or jeans in general, dark leggings might be your alternative. Dare to be different in these smooth jet black cut out leggings. The leather belt and ring accessory really creates a DIY feel, in true grunge style.As well as keeping close to the original trend, legging are made of stretchy material to fit your shape. This will give you a sexy edge and add some glam to your look.

black leather strap rivet womens

5. Patterned Tights

Rips, holes, lace or any kind of pattern will do! For a more feminine look, add some stockings like this to your wardrobe. Take the reigns on your style and go a cut above with something daring. Stockings and acid washed shorts are the perfect clashing combination.


6. Patchwork Shorts

These shorts are perfect for creatives! Add patches to them each week or keep them as they are, it's up to you! All we know is that we love these little gems because they're so expressive and unique!

cool classic rock style denim shorts blue
7. Chunky Shoes

Forget Stilettos! Love your feet and choose comfort over class. There's so many ways you can wear bold grunge footwear and they really take your outfit up a step! Go for a pair of classic industrial type boots for a causal look. Alternatively, any platform boot/sandal/shoe works for those special occasions. Take your pick.

8cm block black and white buckle heel gothic boots white
8. Accessories

Accessories matter just as much as clothing choice. That 90s look is easily achievable if you pair it with the right extra touches! Chains, studs and rounded sunglasses are all signature pieces associated with 90s grunge fashion. Pick a few key elements such as these and you'll become the ultimate rocker in no time.

This chain belt can be used as the highlight of an all black outfit to make you really stand out as it's something a little different.

round sunglasses grunge

Block out the world and let your angsty grunge aura shine with a pair of specs like this. This pair of rounded glasses come in varying shades of color to give you loads of options.

awesome faux leather gothic stud bags

Round your look off with a handbag. Nothing screams 90s grunge inspired outfit more than a studded hand-held.

Do You Think 90s Grunge Should Be Brought Back? If we've inspired a nostalgia trip or a new adventure into the grunge-dom, then let us know!

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