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Mastering Make-Up: Achieving the Ultimate Grunge Glow

Mastering Make-Up: Achieving the Ultimate Grunge Glow
By Amelia Night | July 06, 2019
Are you thinking of adding a layer of mood to your everyday or evening make-up look? Then grunge is the perfect place to start.

Mastering grunge make up looks and hairstyles can seem daunting because of it's fiery outcome - however, it can be pretty simple. The beautifully pale Frances Cobain is continuing from her grunge bloodline by sporting seductive grunge eye make up with bold lips. These two grunge make up essentials are the beginning to any killer look. Below I have outlined a few easy steps you need to follow to get the best grunge look you can.

1. Preparation

First, I would recommend gathering all of your grunge make-up essentials so that you are ready to sit down and begin. Of course you can alter this look to achieve what you're looking for, but these are the things you are probably going to need.

Make up: a dark eye shadow palette, any three colors that go together. E.g. white, grey and black or white, peach and burgundy.

Make up

2. The Basics

Now this isn't a compulsory step and you can choose to skip it if you want to. However, if you would like to cover any blemishes or want to preserve your make-up for a longer proportion of the day then this might be worth doing. Grab yourself a concealer stick and smudge/blend it into the space under your eyes, around the nose and chin as these are usually problem areas.

If you're unsure what tone is right for you, see the chart below. Personally, I go for a shade a little lighter than my skin to achieve a grunge look.

concealer shades

3. Eye shadow

After prepping your face, it's time to apply your eye shadow. Now there's a million different color combinations you could try. But for a basic grunge look, I would opt for a light under color, burgundy and dark brown.

Start by applying a base coat of a light eye shadow over your eyelid.

Then, starting from the corner, gently brush the burgundy into the crease of your eyelid. Be careful not to go too high. If you lie this color, you're more than okay to add more over the eyelid and cover the light shade you began with.

Lastly, apply the dark brown with a smaller brush in the crease of the eyelid to create a smoking eye.

The aim is to end up with a beautiful Frances Cobain look.

but she doesnt like nirvana

4. Eyeliner

Eyeliner can be tricky - but thankfully grunge is not about perfection. I would start simply with a black, khol/pencil eyeliner and line the water line just above your lower lashes. If you want to add more, or feel like your look is not quite finished, take the eyeliner and sweep it over the top of your lid.

To add a depth of mystery, simply take your finger and smudge the eyeliner into your eye shadow.

eye shadow

5. Lips

So, finding the right shade is wholly dependent on whether you feel like you need to vamp your look up, or dial it down to casual.

My favorite colors for a grunge look are a deep/velvet red or a nude/gloss.

Courtney Love

6. Double Glance

The last step to achieving the ultimate grunge girl make-up is to check that you are happy! If you feel you need to add some mascara or a bit more lipstick, you do it guys.

mirror mirror

7. Hair Prep - It's Grunge Time

The key to getting the best overall grunge aesthetic is to be casual. So, because of this i'd suggest a simple wave or back-comb.

The easiest way to get simple waves and kinks n the hair is to take a flat iron and gently wrap your hair around them, keeping it loose and then releasing after a few seconds.

To make this clearer, the fantastic youtuber Jordan Lipscombe created a video showing you exactly how to get those light wavy curls.

Around the halfway point she demonstrated how to use a flat iron to achieve the look.

8. Finally, The Missing (Clothing) Piece

It's all well and good having the perfect grunge make-up, but you need the outfits to match.

There are a few essential grunge clothing items that every girl needs! Some of these include: a checkered shirt / skirt, black jeans, fishnet tights, chunky boots, leather jewelry and cloth wristbands.

Below I have included some example outfits which would go perfectly with the make-up look you just created!

ladies punk pleated mini skirt

buckled struck heart top and skirt set

almost dead gothic unisex hoodie

All outfits can be found at theblackravens website! For a feature on our facebook or Instagram page - don't forget to drop us a message, we'd love to hear from you!

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