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The Witch Style Guide - Witchy Clothes for the Occult Elite

The Witch Style Guide - Witchy Clothes for the Occult Elite
By Amelia Night | August 23, 2018

Do you agree that there's something deeply mysterious about the occult and dark magic? If you do - then you are in the right place. You may just be the next other-worldly witch in the making that we're looking for.

Smiling Morticia Addams

The witchy style was invented by Pagans and Wiccans and became popular in classic films like The Worst Witch, where Mildred Hubble became an icon for women everywhere. Witchy fashion has since been transformed into the most intriguing and subversive style of the 21'st century! This is seen by sexy role models rocking the occult look like Game of Throne's Melisandre and Harry Potter's Bellatrix. Women like this are the precise reason why I love all the ways of the witch – they identify with the dark and mysterious things that go on in all worlds and not just our own. So, if like me, you love all things witchy – read on to know what things you'll need to be the hottest witch in your coven. Check out our top ten signature pieces that any witch needs.

1. A Pentagram Dress!

Pentagrams will always cast the right spell when it comes to showing off your witchy awesomeness. All witches know that pentagrams are symbolic of harmony, protection and infinity. The pentagram is a marker of all otherworldly and spiritually like-minded people like you! Showcase your magical spark with a subtle staple piece, be it a necklace, harness or gothic earrings. But since when did witches shy away from being different and bold? Why not take it to the next level with one of our sexy and sophisticated gothic dresses.

Pentagram Dress

2. A Wide-brim Hat

A witch inspired look isn't complete without a black wide-brimmed hat to tie it all together. Be crafty and shine in the moonlight or be smart and shade yourself in the sun. It's versatile and divine, pushing your witch aesthetic to the next level.

wide-brimmed hat

3. Black Boots

Sultry boots are a witch's best friend. Delicate but durable, your footwear must showcase the strong and powerful witch that you are! You'll need a heel not too big so that you can wonder freely and mystically. That way you can follow the moon wherever it might take you, without the worry that your boots will stop you. These sexy lace boots would look fantastic with any witchy look!


4. Crystal Earrings

With the rising popularity of shows like Game of Thrones, nothing says 'modern witch' more than dragon claws and crystals. Crystals are used in witchcraft for amazing things like healing, magic and casting spells. The magical nature of witchcraft makes the impossible possible. The claw around the crystal shows that you have a magical grasp on life that nobody else does! Just like people, crystals create energy and enhance your aura. So why wouldn't you project your aura and wear these powerful charming crystal earrings for all to see?

womens mythical crystal dragons earpiece

5. Anything with crosses on it!

What better way to channel your positive and creative energy than with this spiritual symbol! You'll be sure to cast a spell of protection at anytime when wearing the cross. No negative energy will be able to touch you. This gorgeous soft velvet bodysuit is perfect for those hoarders of all things mystical and magical!

punk girls rompers

6. The 'Batpack'

Witches and bats come hand in hand, both being creatures of the night. This beautiful bat-wing rucksack is the best accomplice for those amazing adventures, witch ever way the road takes you.

black winged bags
7. The Sleeved Moon-Phase Dress

Show off your celestial powers with a floaty black dress. Every witch needs a little black dress, and this one would serve you well. Project your celestial influence with a magical addition to your womens gothic clothing collection.

solar emo girls shirt

8. Moon-light Leggings

If you're not the biggest fan of dresses, maybe leggings are an alternative option for you. Fitted and well made, these leggings will highlight your figure as well as your cosmic power. The moon is important for recharging your crystals and giving you energy and life. There's no better way to show your appreciation than adding cool gothic leggings to your wardrobe

girls universe pattern legging

9. Cute Cosplays

Stereotypical or not, everybody loves an awesome gothic cosplay or Halloween outfit. Witches are cool but it doesn't mean they can't laugh at themselves a little! With black and purple being the main colors of this dress, you could pair it with anything!. A pair of black gothic tights or socks would go amazingly to take this outfit from Earth to the Moon! Spook out all your friends with how cute but sexy you can look in this:

10. Layers and Layers

No witches wardrobe is complete without a few varying layers of silk, cotton and chiffon! This textured, jet black, long sleeved coat is designed for witches and non-witches alike. It has a spooky gothic dimension to it as a result of the corners varying in length and the classy, powerful collar. Keep warm in the cold of the night and practice your sorcery in comfort!

hot asymmetrical black bowknot coat black

11. The Skeletal Top

With all the spells and potions, it's fair to say that witches are in touch with the dead and more creepily, the un-dead, than the majority of us. Channel your psychic powers with a cheeky and playful skeletal hand t-shirt. What a naughty way to cherish the undead, showing your inquisitive and playful side.

emo girls funny top

12. Patterned Tights

Add a unique edge to your outfit with some quirky polka-dotted tights. These stockings will be sure you make your look like no one else which is exactly what a young witch needs!

girls goth dots clothing

Many famous witches sport many, if not all of these items listed. Whether it be the cute Sabrina or the sexy women in The Craft, they all embody the true style of the witch in their own way. Witchy fashion is versatile and you can do whatever you like with it! If you love occult fashion or the ways of the witch, be sure to tell us on our socials!

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