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Cute Emo Dresses for Teens

Cute Emo Dresses for Teens
By Amelia Night | September 06, 2018
Are you girly and also an emo? Then you need to read this.

Emo music blessed (or cursed) our black hearts back in the 80s off of the back of the hardcore punk movement. It was reinvented in the 90's and became what we know it as today! Get kitted out in true emo style with our help at The Black Ravens and show the world who you are! You never know - that girl blasting MCR or boy with Kellin Quinn hair might finally look your way. So if you're a fan of womens alternative clothing and love all things emo - read on to see the hottest dresses you will need for the perfect emo style. Join the Black Parade or get a Backseat Serenade (see what I did there) with these emo and gothic dresses for teens!

1. A Skull Dress

stunning scary skulls goth blouse

Skulls are a must when it comes to emo fashion. The massive bold skull seen here is a perfect way to express all that beauty in emo things. So, pay tribute to My Chemical Romance and join a marching band in this sexy skull dress. You'd fit right in!

2. The T-Shirt Dress

When emo first submerged onto the scene, it was known for it's iconic skinny jeans and t-shirt style. However, if you love emo/gothic dresses but want to keep in line with the well-known aesthetic, you can. This casual t-shirt dress is just what you're looking for! It's cute, comfortable and still very emo!

3. Long-Sleeved Tunic Skull Dress

If you love skulls but are a fan of the more bold emo style dresses, then this might be the one for you. Tunic dresses are common in the emo scene because they are elongating and automatically give you that mysterious and otherworldly edge. Add a this dress to achieve that gothic emo look.

4. Plaid Skater Dress

Many emos choose to wear open plaid flannel shirts over their t-shirts but sometimes you want to be casual, but still cute at the same time. This dress combines the two and screams "I made a little bit of an effort but I'm also still emo af". Perfect right?

5. Emo Daytime Dress

gothic bandage v-neck mini-dress

This dress is just what you need for the hot weather. It also includes cool shoelace detailing at the top to give it an edge. This simple yet effective dress would be a great addition to any emo outfit!

6. Gothic Corset Dress

vintage lace up sexy black corset

Follow in the footsteps of your favorite emo music icon, yeah that's right - Amy Lee! Her sexy style caught everyone's attention and shot Evanescence to fame. If you love the darkness, make us proud and check out our goth inspired emo dresses ASAP!

7. A Little Black Dress

cute alternative goth sunny day dress black

This dramatic item is a must have, you know why? It's the perfect date dress! The lace is delicate and daring, just like you. You can accessorize this dress with a gothic choker like the one above or go for some skulls or studs - there are no rules to being you!

8. Cute Skeleton Hands Mini Dress

sexy girls alternative naughty hands mini dress

Let the afterlife grab you by the waist (well, chest) and let out your playful side with this skeletal hand pattern! A little creepy, a little funny - who says emos cant have a laugh?

9. White Collar Dress

dark schoolgirl style gown

If I asked you to name your favorite emo movie, what would it be? If you didn't say the Addams Family, it must have been a close second. Wednesday Addams. So deathly emo but so goddamn lovable. Replicate the look of America's beloved emo child with this velvet A-Line cute black dress.

10. Dress of Death

punk black cute dress of death

This was made for you if you love the look above but want to show off your passion for all things dark. Ouija boards, bats, skulls and graveyards. This dress has all the key points of intrigue for any emo.

11. The Witchy White Dress

hot asymmetrical witches white lace dress

Switch it up with this white wedding-esque dress. The front is shorter than the back creating a creepy train, giving the essence of an emo runaway bride. How tragic and fittingly emo? This dress would be the perfect addition to an anime or gaming cosplay/Halloween outfit. You can find the best gothic accessories to match the ghostly feel of this dress here too.

12. The Red Riding Hood Dress

sexy cosplay red riding hood

Walk into wonderland and take this fairy tale dress with you! The dark ruby red will contrast perfectly against your pale white skin, giving you that modern emo edge.

13. Emo Prom Dress

edgy a line gothic dress black

Every teen needs a prom dress - emos are no exception. Whether your at your school leavers prom or college graduation, you need a killer dress to showcase your killer personality. At only $35.99, this gorgeous short gothic prom dress will be sure to catch everyone's attention.

14. The Jacket Dress

cute black button emo mini dress black

Emo chicks might be bad-ass, but that doesn't mean they cant feel the cold. This dress is long sleeved, sporting a cute button up pattern and crossed laces on each side. This will keep your heart cold and body warm in the colder months!

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