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Get In The Teen Spirit With These Grunge Outfit Ideas

Get In The Teen Spirit With These Grunge Outfit Ideas
By Amelia Night | September 03, 2018
The 90's are back - and no Britney, we don't mean you.

Grunge fashion became prominent in the 1990's, along with the rise in following of ultimate 90's punky grunge bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. A new fashionably dark edge was given to clothes worn by artists in the genre and was heavily replicated by other artists and fans alike. If you love 90's grunge as much as we do – bring it back in true teen spirit with these awesome grunge clothing and outfit ideas below!

Here is a list of the items you will need to achieve the perfect look:

Grunge Hair And Hair Accessories

The 'I live life my own way' attitude doesn't just radiate out of you itself. You need hair that embodies this ethos. Messy and effortless is usually the way forward. Cut your hair yourself! Dye it blue or purple! Add a bandanna or black hat! Stay away from bright dazzling colors and you'll be fine. Grunge is shabby chic – and we have to live up to the name.

womens warm knitted loose hippie beanie

Plaid Flannel Shirts

No grunge-inspired look is complete with a big plaid shirt. The plaid shirt became synonymous with the 1990's grunge movement. As we're lovers of all things punk here - you don't need me to tell you that Kurt Cobain was the king of plaid. Although hipsters are trying to claim plaid as their own – ride the rebellious wave with this pattern in true teen spirit. Bring back 90's fashion and add one to your wardrobe.

womens skeleton head back tee

Black Skinny Jeans

You can't have a grunge look without including SOME black clothes in there. Black skinny jeans are perfect for subtly completing any outfit and the more distressed the better! 90's grunge was all about being scruffy and not always having to be pristine. You can make your look as dark as you like with some trousers like this or opt for a lighter look with subtler ripped jeans. The tears and rips are what will set you apart from the crowd! For a 90's fashion idea for men and women: pair these jeans with a shirt like the one above and you really can't go wrong.

white ripped hollow out casual pants

Black Chunky Boots

Bring back that classic grunge aesthetic we all know and love with some amazing 90's footwear. Large boots were super common in this decade, laced or not - it doesn't matter. Cara Delavigne rocks this killer grunge look by pairing the all-important statement platforms with the notorious plaid shirt and beanie.

grunge fashion trend tips and tricks

A Classic Grunge Dress

Nothing is more timeless than the little black dress. It's a must have item for everyone out there. Nothing says the 90's more than D.I.Y patterns made with eyelets and laces too. With a signature piece like this dress, you could pair it with silver chains, spikes or collars to keep the grunge attitude speaking.

gothic bandage v-neck mini-dresses

Denim Shorts and Stockings

This deadly duo will get any grunge enthusiasts heart rocking. As you can see by the picture below, the light shorts and dark tights are a classic combo. Pair these items with bright hair, a baggy dark unisex t-shirt and those infamous platform shoes - you have yourself the perfect punky grunge outfit you wanted.

sexy black fishnet stockings

Rounded Sunglasses

The attitude that surrounds this style can be summed up in three words: I-Don't-Care.

To achieve this look and more importantly, the mindset - grab yourself some dark shades and never take them off in public. Radiate cool and edgy in true vintage fashion. The pair below come in various colors - if you want to add a modern splash of light on the classic design.

colored steam punk eyewear
That 90's Sweater

When trying to find one image to sum up the style, it's got to be this one. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love are crazily iconic for their music as well as their fashion too. Inspiring angsty teens everywhere, they brought hardcore grunge style to the scene and there it stayed. They can both be seen sporting messy hair and ripped clothes as well as that all-important sweater. Bringing comfortable to edgy clothing was exactly what grunge did.

kurt cobain and courtney love

Any girl needs these classic throwback pieces, making this moody and unique outfit idea a key one to bring the 90's back to our wardrobes. Using the categories above as inspiration, we've put together a few cute grunge outfit ideas for you to try this season and get the look at home.

The All Black

all that black

All black outfits are can be the classic look for loads of subcultures, whether it's indie to goth. Wearing a mesh top with a simple snappy slogan will radiate that 'I don't care' what you think attitude, reminiscent of the 90's. Take it a step further with dark jeans and some staple grunge accessories like chains. That's when you'll have the perfect grunge outfit fit for any occasion.

The Skater Girl

ThePierced3moGirl #grungeoutfits

Combining most of the items above, we have got an amazingly cool, comfortable 90's look perfect for the daytime.

Girly Grunge

girly grunge

This outfit is perfect for you if your soul is grunge, but your style is girly. A modern twist on the traditional leaves you with a look like this. Combining all the awesomeness of red and black plaid with a skater skirt gives you that relaxed flowing vibe, whist also letting you show off your assets. You can get your cute plaid skirt here.

Gothic Grunge

Your favorite subjects at school?

Who says that styles can't mix? This style has the big boots and baggy shirt, just with a gothic twist. If you love it just as must as we do, try it at home! Put a dark spin on the lighter grunge vibe and take that uniqueness to the next level!

So is 90's Grunge Dead?

Clearly not. Thanks to you guys, it wont be anytime soon either! If you've been inspired and want to create one of these looks alone, or add a little grunge to your already amazing selection, head over to The Black Ravens and we'll sort you out!

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